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    Regarding the application of Digital Filter block (DFB)

      Hello, members.


      Could you tell me about an application of using the Filter block (DFB)?

      There was a code example where the output of the ADC was filtered using DFB.

      Other than that, how is DFB used?
      Are there any application examples using DFB?


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          Hello Shimizu-San,


          The digital filter block (DFB) has programmable 24*24 multiplier/accumulator (MAC), an arithmetic logic unit (ALU), shifter, and various program and data memory to store instructions and data that can be used as a mini DSP processor in your application. The DFB can be used to offload the CPU and can speed up arithmetic calculations that involve intensive multiply-accumulate operations. Typical applications of DFB are: vector operations, matrix operations, filtering operations, and signal processing. Some of the available projects other than filtering code example are listed below,



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