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    ProC4 XTAL issue


      Hello everyone,


      I've designed a PCB with the ProC4 IC.


      I'm encountering an issue when trying to debug my project. It falls into the CyClockStartupError function and I can't understand why.


      This is the second revision of the board, before it worked without any problems. The only change I made between the two boards are the 24 MHz and 32768 kHz crystals.


      Before were a 581-ST2012SB32E0HPWB from Mouser and a 775-3710 from RS Components.

      Now the devices are XC1947CT-ND and XC1842TR-ND from Digikey.


      Theoretically there are no differences between the oscillators, only on the load capacitance of the 24 MHz xtal.


      I've changed the "Capacitance Trim Value" in the ECO section, but without any results.


      The strange thing is that, if I upload the firmware on the demoboard or on the older board, it works. The demoboard crystals are again different than my first board.


      Any help would be very appreciated.


      Thank you!