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    PSoC programmer, GUI works, Command line fails



      I am trying to set up a production programming environment for a new design using a CY8C4025LQI-S412.

      I am able to program the device using the IDE and using the PSoc programmer GUI App, however when I try to use the

      command line tool, I am able to Acquire the device but I get no further, it fails with "Device is not in ISSP mode." when I

      try to erase the device.


      I have attached a log of the script and what the command line programmer replies with


      This issue is very similar to a previous discussion, but that does not seem to have been resolved either.

      Can program PRoC 4 with graphical PSoC Programmer, but not with cli


      The PSoC is on a pcb with some other components which may be drawing a little power, though very little.

      I do not have any pull ups or pull downs on the SCLK and SDAT lines.


      I find it difficult to understand how this can be a software problem as the GUI and IDE programming methods work fine,

      however its the command line operation I would like to use.


      What am I missing?