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    Control Registers or Lookup tables?


      Hello everyone,


      I was trying to work with digital design and did this:


      Does this configuration make any sense? It should be the equivalent of the following firmware solution:


      for(i=0; i<N; i++){     //'N' is a quite bug number that

                  TX1_Output_Write(key1[j]);     //key1 is an array of ones and zeros

                  j = ((j+1)%KEY_SIZE);         



      According to 'Application Note_Digital Design Best Practices' I'm consuming one UDB of the 24 available for each Control Register I'm using. Is this right?

      Would it be better to use a LUT instead?


      The result I'm willing to acheive is a bit per bit wave shaping, like this:


      This is the result of the key1 array "scanned" N times by the for cycle listed before. Now I want to do the same with the schematic in the first picture, with a "more hardware" solution. Is it better a LUT or should I continue with the Control registers?

      I'm looking forward for your answers and support.


      Thank you all in advance.


      Best regards,