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    CYPD 2122-B


      Hello, I own a notebook manufactured by Xiaomi (Mi Air 13.3) in China and currently it is not charging the battery.


      Investigating that, I discovered a CYPD-2122-B-1637 6 4621 chip burnt, there is even a hole in it.


      Does it need to be programmed before it is used? Or is it ready to be used?


      Tthanks in advance, William

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          Hi William,


          It have to be programmed before it is used. Since the standard CYPD2122 only pre-programmed I2C bootloader inside which is follow Cypress datasheet notebook diagram. Since you have pointed out this is for XiaoMi products, there are shall be some customizes in it. Please kindly contact your vendor to check whether the CYPD2122 have been programmed the specified firmware or not before delivery to you.


          Best Regards,