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    Questions about wiced_timer


      I'm working with 20706 and WICED studio 6. For our application we need to rely on the timer to track events.


      Looking at the API and examples, here are some questions:

      1) Functions like wiced_init_timer(), wiced_start_timer() and wiced_stop_timer() all return wiced_result_t, which might not be WICED_SUCCESS. Can they actually fail? Why would they fail? How do I recover from the failure? If any of them fails, I'm left in a very awkward position, and without knowing more, the only logical thing left to do is reset the system...

      2) Would starting a timer affect system sleep? Does the type of the timer matter (periodic vs. one-shot, ms vs. s)?

      3) Are there any timing constraints on timer callbacks? How long can my callback function run without breaking the system?