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    Maximum Tc specification of CCG3PA



      Please advise what is the maximum Tc specification of CCG3PA (24QFN)?

      Data sheet explains Tj_max = 120 deg-C, Ta_max = 105 deg-C and Tja=19.98 deg/W but it doesn't mean maximum power consumption is 0.75W (= 15/19.98), right?


      What is the specification for maximum power consumption? And what is the Tc_max specification under this condition?



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          Hi KURO-san,


          1. We do not have tested maximum power consumption of CCGx. Since there are difference application will use difference source inside of CCGx. So that we only list SID.PWR#8 on datasheet for reference. Current will be typical 10mA under condition VDDD = 5 V OR VBUS = 5 V, TA =25 °C. CC1/CC2 in Tx or Rx, no I/O sourcing current, 2 SCBs at 1 Mbps, EA/ADC/CSA/UVOV ON, CPU at24 MHz.


          2. We cannot use the the equation (Junction Temperature, Tj = (PD * θJA) + TA) to calculate the Max PD. But you could use this calculate the power consumption if you knew the Tj and TA.


          3. For maximum of Tc, I need confirm it with package team. So far, I just can evaluate it by below equation and assume PD is 0.05W as per above. θJCA = θJA - θJC. And Tc = TA + PD*θJCA.


          Best Regards,


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            Hello Lisa,


            Can I have update for max Tc. Customer can measure only Tc on their PCB application/unit.