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    How can I only flash image on board without compiling?


      I am wondering what to do if I want to download the image(I have already built) on the board without recompiling it again.

      ./make 'app'-'platform' download run command is 'build + download + run' right?

      I can't find a command for only download/flash (without build)

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          Hi  hyeseung:


          I just find a way to just download the image you compiled. below are the steps:

          I am using the 20719-B1_Bluetooth evb to do a test .


          1.  demo.hello_sensor-CYW9207x9WCDEVAL UART=COM6 download

            keep this command, and didn't skip the compile process.


          2.  find the makefile in ..\WICED-Studio-6.0\20719-B1_Bluetooth\platforms\CYW9207x9WCDEVAL

              and find this makefile,  CYW9207x9WCDEVAL.mk


          3.  change the download directory name in the download_using_chipload:

          it always to choose the  images from \WICED-Studio-6.0\20719-B1_Bluetooth\build

          you need to change the key word "build"  into another directory ,  and copy all the images you think that is stable for a backup.

          in this case i just change it into "123" directory .  


          you may have a try , but actually this doesn't skip the build and link process of the current project.




          $(QUIET)$(eval UART:=$(shell $(CAT) < com_port.txt))

          $(QUIET)$(if $(UART), \


          && $(ECHO) Download complete && $(ECHO_BLANK_LINE) && $(ECHO) $(QUOTES_FOR_ECHO)Application running$(QUOTES_FOR_ECHO) \

          || ($(ECHO) $(QUOTES_FOR_ECHO)****Download failed ****$(QUOTES_FOR_ECHO) && $(call CONV_SLASHES,$(PERL)) $(AFT) 4 123/$(OUTPUT_NAME)/download.log && \

          $(ECHO) Download failed. This WICED platform of the SDK only supports download to 207x9B1 devices.))