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    PSoC 6 not starting up - doesn't initialise

      I have the PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit which doesn't seem to work.

      I tried to upload several example projects without success. If I try to program something on my own (just a LED blinking) it works.

      Currently I am trying to use the Eink capsense example project. With debugging I found out that on startup the device doesn't initialise.

      When I got to line 198 in cyfitter_cfg.c - Cy_SysClk_ClkTimerSetSource(CY_SYSCLK_CLKTIMER_IN_IMO); it goes to Fault_Handler (startup_psoc63_cm0plus.s line 347) and on line 350 - tst r0, r1 it opens Disassembly and from then on I am lost.

      What to do to make this (and other) example work?