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    The state of the PWR#_I2C_SDA port




      Please tell me the state(CMOS output or Open drain or Hi-Z) of PWR#_I2C_SDA pin(26pin) during the following each operation period?

      Case1: During Reset.

      Case2:Immedietely after reset cancellation(Initial setting).

      Case3:During I2C operation.

      Case4:Transition period of I2C operation END to /PWR operation start.

      Case5:Immedietely after /PWR operation is started(Initial setting)


      Best Reagrds


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          Hello Arai san,


          Case1: During RESET, PWR#/I2C_SDA pin will be Hi-Z.

          Case2: After RESET is de-asserted, the pin will be configured for I2C_SDA to look for external EEPROM if any connected to boot from it.

          Case3: During I2C operation, it will be used for I2C operation only which is I/O.

          Case4: It will be Hi-Z while switching.

          Case5: It will be an Output pin.