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    Effective resolution and Voltage Range DelSig ADC PSOC3

      Hi folks,


      considering setup of PSoC3/DelSig i was wondering, if how to interpret voltage range setup vs. effective resolution.

      Assume neg. input of ADC is put on ground and Vref is setup external along with 1.024V generated externally. Additionally selected Level Shifted buffer mode, resolution 20Bit.


      If I went to setup range as follows:

      -Input ADC +/-Vref2


      Which voltage range is to be choosen for calculation of resolution??


      Case 1:




      • Does it mean, an Offset has to be added to result provided by DelSig, as we're not able to get values <-100mV but range has been setup as defined above?


      Case 2:




      • abs(-100mV) is minimum possible voltage for ADC


      Case 3:

      Choosing Rail to Rail buffer mode actually expecting this:(Vref-100mV)/2^10



      I'm a little bit confused, thanks for  your efforts in advance!