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    SPI Interrupt on SN8200




      I'm trying to use the SPI-Interrupt on my SN8200-Board.

      Can anyone tell me how to assign an interrupt handler to the apropriate interrupt vector?




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          Take a look at the GPIO Sample Code section of the WICED Smart Hardware Interfaces pdf (in the Doc folder).  There is sample code there that sets up an interrupt on a GPIO pin.

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            Sorry, I can't find the pdf in my Doc folder.

            But setting up an interrupt on a GPIO Pin is not the problem, I already did this with wiced_gpio_input_irq_enable().

            What I need is an interrupt for the SPI module.I configured the SN8200 as a SPI slave and I want to handle the SPI reception in an ISR using the "Receive buffer not empty" (RXNE) interrupt.


            I printed the vector table to the console and it seems that the SPI interrupt vector is mapped to a default handler.

            As the vector table is located in the flash section, i think I have to edit something in the RTOS files.

            I'm using FreeRTOS, but by now I havent't find the file where the interrupt vectors are being assigned.

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              Ok, I made it.

              I copied the vector table into RAM and set the SCB_VTOR register to address of the copy.

              In the copy I could assign an ISR to the SPI-Vector finally.

              Additionally I had to activate the interrupt in the NVIC_ISER Register.




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                Ahh, ok.  The sample code uses the stack functionality to communicate over the spi interface, so it wouldn't be much help.  Post some code when you have it working!


                FYI -


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                  There seems to be a different between your WICED-Smart-SDK and the WICED-SDK I use.

                  There's some different content in my doc folder...


                  Now here's the code I use.

                  It runs well with ST32F103RF on Murata SN8200 but it should be easy to modify it for any other ARM-Core.


                  typedef void (*IsrFunc_t)(void);

                  uint32_t auiUser_Vector_Table[75] __attribute__((aligned(512)));

                  void SPI_Int(void);


                  void CopyVectorTable()


                      uint32_t* pSourcePointer;

                      pSourcePointer = (uint32_t*)SCB->VTOR;

                      uint8_t i;

                      for(i=0; i<75; i++)


                          auiUser_Vector_Table[i] = *(pSourcePointer++);


                      SCB->VTOR = (uint32_t)auiUser_Vector_Table;



                  void SetIntHandler(uint8_t VectorNr, IsrFunc_t pFunc)


                      uint8_t IntNr  = VectorNr;

                      uint8_t RegNr  = IntNr / 32;

                      uint8_t BitPos  = IntNr % 32;

                      NVIC->ISER[RegNr] = 1<<BitPos;

                      auiUser_Vector_Table[VectorNr+16] = (uint32_t)pFunc;



                  void application_start(void)


                      /* Initialise the device and WICED framework */

                      wiced_init( );


                      /* copy the vector table to RAM */



                      /* assign the SPI Interrupt Handler */



                      /*Init the SPI Interface */

                      wiced_spi_device_t spi = {

                          .port        = WICED_SPI_1,

                          .chip_select = WICED_SPI_FLASH_CS,

                          .speed      = 750000,

                          .mode        = (SPI_CLOCK_FALLING_EDGE | SPI_CLOCK_IDLE_HIGH | SPI_NO_DMA | SPI_MSB_FIRST),

                          .bits        = 8





                      /* Enable SPI RX interrupt */

                      SPI1->CR2 |= SPI_CR2_RXNEIE;

                       while (1)


                            // Main loop



                  /* SPI interrupt handler */

                  void SPI_Int(void)


                       // Handle SPI reception


                  Additionally I modified these two lines of wiced_spi_init():

                  spi_init.SPI_Mode = SPI_Mode_Slave;

                  spi_init.SPI_NSS = SPI_NSS_Hard;




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                    The interrupt is assign by the linker script *.ld under platform

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                      The WICED-Smart-SDK supports the Broadcom bluetooth and BLE devices.

                      The WICED-SDK supports the Broadcom WiFi devices.

                      These are different SDKs which support different devices.


                      Georg, I understand you already resolved your question right?



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                        Yes, question is resolved.