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    MB95F118AS - Program Extraction & Programming



      I need some technical help with programming/reading a MB95F118AS. 


      I have a MB95F118AS Which has known blown pins so I am trying to read the program code off of it to put onto a new blank chip I have. 

      I have downloaded the “FLASH MCU Programmer for F2MC-8FX” From http://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/flash-mcu-programmer-1 but the program only have a MB95F118B/M target Microcontroller.  I am unable to read the chip. 


      Without setting the MOD pin floating, I am getting data from the processor so the processor is alive and the 4MHz Crystal connected to it is working.

      With setting the MOD pin to HIGH the processor sits in the programming state (I guess) – But when I click download on the software it does not respond.

      I have also set P12/UCK to High and P13 to LOW as per the programming guide.



      Can you please advise if the software I am using is correct? Or if there is something I'm doing wrong?


      Thank You,

      Gabriel Young