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    Why I2C Bus is busy with two devices?


      Good evening,


      i'm trying to getting two MPU-9250 working via I2C with PSOC as Master.

      Connecting to the bus only one MPU-9250 everything works perfectly!

      Using two devices won't work, and the I2C_SendStart() says: I2C Bus Busy!


      Testing without any device connected the I2C_SendStart() function says at first attempt: I2C_NAK (it seems the right answer when no devices answers to the call of the PSOC), after from the second attempt I2C answers Bus Busy!  To free the bus i have to use the I2C_SendStop() function, but i using it yet... but doesn't free the bus.


      The MPU-9250 used is on a IMU breakout board by sparkfun: SparkFun IMU Breakout - MPU-9250 - SEN-13762 - SparkFun Electronics


      Thank you for support!