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    CYW20706 and Radio Functionality



      In our design we have used CYW20706UA2 part and we have downloaded an A2DP Sink application built using WICED SDK 5.0. The firmware downloading is happening properly and I can even see proper debug logs coming out of PUART, but, the device is not at all discoverable ( I have made sure that the firmware application in CYW20706 is not crashing )


      But, if I download the same firmware application into CYW92070xV3_EVAL evaluation board the board becomes discoverable and connectable.


      I would like to get inputs from you if I have missed anything here.

      If we were to doubt the antenna part design on our board, atleast my device must be discoverable.


      Please suggest.


      Thank you,


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          I am adding more information about our board design to help you suggest me next steps :


          1. Our design has supplied 1.8V to both VDDO (Gpio G5) and VBAT (Gpio D1) pins, where in case of CYW92070xV3_EVAL evaluation board both the pins are supplied with 3.3V.


          2. Our design uses 24MHz crystal to drive the chip and XTAL strap selection pins are configured to BT_XTAL_STRAP_1 = 0 and BT_XTAL_STRAP_0 = 1 (i.e 1.8V), where as the eval board has 20MHz crystal used with appropriate XTAL strap selection.


          3. Our design does not use OTP that's why we have pulled both BT_OTP_VDD3P3V ( Gpio G1) and BT_OTP_3P3V_ON (Gpio G2) pins low, where as in case of eval board both the pins are pulled high.



          Do you think any of the above mentioned differences are the reason behind my board not being discoverable ?


          Please suggest.


          Thank you,


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            I think you should perhaps open a case in "MyCase" for technical support on this. But for a start, I can suggest the following:


            1) Strongly recommended to use 3.3V for both Vbat and Vddo

            2) Ok

            3) Leave G1 as No_Connect.


            Check pins E2 and F1 for 2.5V and 1.2V respectively to ensure the correct output voltages.


            If it's working, you may want to download the "hello_sensor" app first just to make sure your board is advertising. If you do not have an antenna yet, position your mobile phone (with the "LightBlue" app scanning) near to your board will also do.

            By the way, you may want to consider moving to studio 6.

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              I was downloading the firmware built with 20MHz crystal frequency configuration, it was the mistake.

              I should have used the firmware built with 24MHz crystal frequency configuration since my design uses 24MHz external crystal oscillator.



              Thanks for all the support,