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    Issue with using Windows OTA upgrade app


      I'm trying to use the Windows OTA upgrade app, but the application seems to hang.  I'm using a Window 7 machine with a Bluetooth stack I downloaded from the Broadcom website:

      Bluetooth Software Download | Broadcom

      Here is my procedure:

      1) Pair the device with the Win7 box via "Device and Printers" -> "Add a device" and click on my LE device pre-programmed with the "ota_firmware_upgrade" App

      2) Run "WsOtaUpgrade.exe ota_firmware_upgrade-BCM920736TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release.ota.bin"

      3) The following dialog pops up and I click start and it gets to a transfer status and just sits here forever:

      Smart Upgrade.jpg


      Looking at the Frontline BLE sniffer, I don't see any LE traffic coming through.  When I click on the Device in "Device and Printers", I get this:


      So it seems to me that I may not be using the right stack.  Can somebody who has gotten the OTA upgrade to work on windows 7 comment?  Or perhaps give me your procedure that worked for you?


      Thanks in Advance




      So I was able to get the OTA upgrade to work on Win8 machine which has the LE stack built in.  So for those having issues with Win7, try finding a Win8 machine.  The link is stable enough for the OTA upgrade to succeed

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          Are you sure you programmed the correct OTA project?


          OTA updates on windows requires patience and persistence.  You probably have a broken connection and that's why nothing's happening.  Try:


          • Removing the device and re-adding it.  Rebooting the dongle won't hurt.
          • Double clicking on the device before starting the update so that windows begins to interrogate the device.  If it's pulling in service info, it's connected and the OTA should start.  I'm hitting about 75% success rates using this approach.
          • Hitting refresh in the last dialog you posted before and during the update.  Sometimes that kicks the ota into action if it appears to hang.
          • Turning off bluetooth on any nearby devices (tablets, phones, etc).
          • Turning off the 'allow windows to turn off this device' feature for the dongle.  I have been told that the dongle (or hub it's sitting on) can be shut down by windows in the background... WHILE you're trying to use it.


          I *HIGHLY* recommend you set up a linux box/VM and play hidtool and gatttool.  It won't let you update but you can talk to the device directly and see if the services/chars that you expect to be there actually are.   It can also help identify timeouts that you might not be aware of.

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            Hi Jose,

            Thanks for the response.  I'll give your suggestions a try, I hope I will have better luck with that.  I should also forgot to mention that I'm using the Broadcom based IOGear dongle GBU521, not sure how big of a factor that maybe.


            But from your experience, it sounds like the OTA isn't really reliable which is a worrisome.  I do like the idea of using the hidtool and gattool, hopefully that can help me develop a linux based OTA.



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              I try also to play with OTA, signing an OTA image, to put to my Android project etc.

              I have found here helpful command as:

              "WsOtaUpgrade.exe ota_firmware_upgrade-BCM920736TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release.ota.bin"


              But if I do this on Windows (Win 7, 64bit - BTW: the path to this exe is not set in %PATH% - hard to specify path to exe) - I get this error:
              "Broadcom Bluetooth profile pack for Windows (BTW) has to be installed."


              What does it mean?

              What to do?


              I want to convert the generated FW BIN into a singed OTA image so that I can take it to res/raw in Android project.

              Please, could you provide a bit more info how to put FW BIN to Android project (as local OTA file - I see it is supported but how to use?). Thank you.

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                In regards to the "Broadcom Bluetooth profile pack for Windows (BTW) has to be installed.", I have seen that error trying to run the WsOtaUpgrade.exe on a laptop that is using a non-broadcom device adapter.  From what I can tell, it looks like you need to install the BTW (BlueTooth for Windows) from the following link for a broadcom device.

                Bluetooth Software Download | Broadcom


                Doing a bit more searching, I found this link Interested in using Broadcom’s Windows stack for Windows 7?

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                  Great, very appreciated.

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                    Uppps, I had to buy something????

                    I need a BRCM BLE dongle on my Windows 7 laptop?


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                      It looks like I am forced to waste my money:

                      Installing the BRCM SW - it hangs endless on "Detect Bluetooth Device" and it does not proceed.


                      Does it mean, just to convert an OTA.BIN into a ".signed" I have to buy and connect a BRCM BLE dongle on my laptop.\?
                      Why do I need HW just to convert a file?????????

                      Sorry, what should I say?

                      (it is not a nice way to generate business ... sorry, I could drop more words here, too ...) 

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                        From my understanding you only need the BTW and Dongle in order to do the OTA upgrade from Win7 to the device.  If you want to do the conversion, I believe there is a document somewhere in the SDK for that.  Or you can check this link: WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (1) and WICED Smart BCM92073X OTA Firmware Upgrade (2)

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                          Thank you.

                          Why it is so hard to get such docs, links ...?

                          How have you found these?


                          This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
                          Where is is the "table of contents" to find next time without to bother all?


                          BTW: it does not talk about that I have to purchase anything.

                          Really a need to buy something for my Windows 7 laptop?


                          BTW: if I would use my office laptop - is there a guarantee that the expected HW is inside?

                          (also running Win 7).

                          For this 5 minute task to convert just a file I waste meanwhile so much time ... (and get frustrated ...).

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                            Let me try to address some of the topics that were presented in this thread throughout the evening.



                            Yes, the free Windows based OTA Client software we provide within the SDK requires a Broadcom BCM20702 based dongle.  The BCM20702 is used in many of the low cost dongles on the market today, many of which can be easily found both online and at brick and mortar type retailers throughout the world.



                            The Broadcom "Bluetooth for Windows" (BTW) software that supports these dongles can be found online at Broadcom.com (shows up as one of the top results on Google).  These are also the drivers that many of the BCM20702 dongle providers ship with their product.



                            When installing these drivers it is VERY important to first disable any internal Bluetooth radio that already exist on your PC. The install simply will not work if a BCM20702 based chipset is not found.



                            Once installed, reboot and plug the dongle in, then pair it with your PC using the Bluetooth Control provided in Windows.  Once this process is complete, the Windows client should work.



                            OTA cannot be used for first time programming.  It has to be the HCU UART as noted in posts throughout the site.



                            hThere are several OTA enhancements/improvements coming in SDK 2.2



                            There is an excellent Appnote here on Secure OTA: WICED Secure Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade Application Note (SDK 2.x and TAG3 Board)


                            Secure OTA Requires the BCM20737 as it is the only device that supports RSA (Polar SSL library included in ROM), which is leveraged for "Secure" OTA.


                            In addition, for non secure OTA (supported on the 20736 as well) documentation, there are simple explanations within the headers of the source files provided.  In addition, there is a Readme in the ota_firmware_upgrade\peerapps\windows\wsotaupgrade directory you will find helpful.



                            Yes, unprecedented growth this year within the community has made some of this information difficult to find on the website.  As we are assuming 100%+ growth again this year, my plan for 2015 is to create a much more scalable information architecture across all of the community websites (including of course BLE) which will make much of this information front and center.


                            As a quick patch for the OTA related information, I created a new category for OTA and updated all of the Tags attached to this content as to enable better searching: WICED Smart Forums


                            Hopefully many of you will find this helpful.

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                              Thanks for the clarification.

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                                Settle down Beavis, it's only $14 for the dongle:  Plugable USB-BT4LE Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter for Windows and Linux PCs | Plugable


                                You can also use the (FREE) android app to flash OTA if you have a supported device, btw.

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                                  Trying to figure out a way to like and mark this one helpful 3x :-)


                                  Thanks Jose.

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                                    Sorry, what does it mean?

                                    There is an APP which can convert BIN to signed OTA file?


                                    I do want to do an OTA update or flash of my device. Instead:

                                    I want to get the signed OTA image to my (the WICEDSense) App. It should come with the App, as this (FREE) App you have mentioned.


                                    App should come with signed OTA embedded, so that all users and do this, not me.

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