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    Migrating from PSoC3 to PSoC5


      Greetings of the day!!!


      We are using  CY8C3866AXI-039 from PSoC 3 family in one of our product. But due to limitation of code memory we have to move to another chip (CY8C5867AXI-LP024) from PSoC5 family.  

      The application code written for PSoC 3 family chip is working fine. And we are using same application code for PSoC5 famiy chip.

      We have created new project with CY8C5867AXI-LP024 chip and added peripherals like ADC,LCD and I2C and used same application code written for PSoC 3.

      With this we are able to get LCD display working,but ADC and I2C is not working. We have tested I2C waveform on oscilloscope as well and found that there is no response from I2C slave (DS1307 and EEPROM).

      Are there any modificatons we need to in existing application code of PSoC 3 to get it work on PSoC5 chip.

      Kindly advice how to proceed ahead.


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