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    ethernet and wifi


      I want to use Ethernet and WiFi function together in CYW43907。I know to how to add the ethernet and Wfi interface in the project. If I transmit the datas to 43907 by the ethernet interface, then transmit to other device by the 43907 wifi interface. There are two parts. First is that 43907 recevice  datas from the ethernet interface, and store the buffer A. Second is 43907 get datas from the buffer A, then transmit datas to the wifi interface. Is my understanding correct? Do you have this type example project?

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          We do not have example project on ethernet-wifi bridge. You can consider using TCP for data transmission across interface. You can first set up a TCP client on STA interface on 43907 and set up a TCP connection over STA with your TCP server. You can then set up a TCP server on ethernet interface on 43907 and listen over a TCP port. With this setup, your TCP client device will send data over ethernet to WICED TCP server. The TCP data packet handle will be received by the server using wiced_tcp_receive() and data buffer will be obtained from this handle using wiced_packet_get_data(). WICED TCP server will create a TCP packet for this data and send this packet over STA to TCP client.