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    This is a question about raw mode sample code.


      I saw you answered the following questions(https://community.cypress.com/thread/31902 ).

      I have a similar problem.

      Can I get a sample of your supplied fully raw mode sample code?

      Thank you.


      And one more thing: why did hci_raw_spp sample disappear from wiced studio 5.0 recently?





      "For others viewing this thread, yes raw mode is supported by the usual transport APIs, but the RX handler must behave differently than the WICED_HCI RX handler (return bytes read instead of SUCCESS, and do not try to free transport buffer). A sample app will be included in future releases to demonstrate the steps necessary.

      lye_2922526, We have already addressed your issue internally: I wrote a sample application that fully implements raw mode that was provided to you over email by your FAE. We plan to release this sample app into the SDK in future releases.

      To answer (3): a watermark level triggers the callback."