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    UDP receive and send


      I have two CYW943907AEVAL1F Demo, I download respectively udp_receive project and udp_transmit project to one demo board. The receiving board is power-on firstly, then the transmitting board is power-on. But the receiving board display " Waiting for UDP packets... ", the transmitting board display " sent: 10". The receiving board does not receive the UDP packet from the transmitting board. Why? How to fix it?

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          Please make sure to verify first :

          1. Port Number

          2. IP


          Also you will verify your UDP sender and receiver application using the Android Application UDP Sender/Reeiver

          Just you will need set the Port number and IP while UDP Transmit/Receiver Process.


          Please follow the step of snip.receiver and snip.transmitter step at start of the  code.



          Chintan Patel

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            I setup an android app in my phone. I test that the phone send UDP data to the UDP_Receiver process.

            Phone open WiFi function.

            the UDP_Receiver Process is AP mode, the wifi network(SSID: WICED UDP Receive App, AP_Channel =1) is WICED_SECURITY_OPEN, IP:; PortNumber: 50007.

            But the UDP_Receiver do not receive the data from phone.

            According to the UDP potocol,  the phone need not join this network. How to check it next?

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              I am using the app from play store UDP Terminal - Android Apps on Google Play as a sender and configuring the WICED device as receiver.

              I tried using both the STA interface and AP interface and was able to successfully receive the data on both of the interface. When you are configuring the interface as WICED_AP_INTERFACE n the wifi_config_dct.h (#define WICED_NETWORK_INTERFACE   WICED_AP_INTERFACE ), your mobile needs to join this softAP and obtain an IP address as mentioned in the comments section of the APP.  If you are configuring your WICED device interface as WICED_STA_INTERFACE, then both your android mobile and WICED device needs to be connected to the same network. Please try using this Android app and you should be able to receive the data from the phone.