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    Cant see external crystal via P12[0]


      Our current design connects an external clock crystal to P12[0].  The clock does not seem to be working when used with any of the chip resources.  In fact, even if I route that back to an output pin, it is just sitting high.  When wiring this clock to a P3 pin, I am able to use it just fine.   I understand that the P12 pins are SIO...do they require some special type of setup?  I read in another post that there was an issue if the input buffer was not enabled for the pin.  When I corrected that, I was able to see the clock on the P3 pin, but still no dice on the P12 pin.  I currently have the pin set up as a digital input, hw connection, high impedance digital.  I also have CMOS threshold and input buffer enabled.


      Any idea what the problem might be?