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    CYW92070xV3_EVAL evaluation board and Crystal Frequency



      CYW92070xV3_EVAL evaluation board hardware user guide says that pin BT_XTAL_STRAP_0 and BT_XTAL_STRAP_1 on CYW20706 or CYW20707 can be used to select XTAL frequency and it also says that the value of 1 on both BT_XTAL_STRAP_0 and BT_XTAL_STRAP_1 makes the CYW20706/07 to read the frequency from Non volatile memory.



      Question :


      Can you help me understand how to store XTAL frequency information into Non volatile memory ? When is this XTAL info read and applied ? How the XTAL freq used ?


      It would be very helpful if you can direct to place in WICED SDK 5.0 where this is already being done.



      Thank you,