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    RFID Project Related Issues

      Dear sir..


                      My project is to read RFID data from RFID tag. Frequency of the RFID is 125 KHZ. what I am supposed to do is to Capture the pulses at 125 KHZ on the single pin. PIN DEMODE I had configured as capture PIN as I will receive the data on that particular pin. I configured TIMER [V2.70] as capture and configurations setting for it is attached in this Page as TIMER Configuration file.


      In that timer block Clock input is present. what clock signals should be present at that input? either internal Clock signal on which entire controller is working or it should be 125 Khz? 

      I want interrupt at every rising and falling edge then I need to calculate the time of the pulse high time and low time. So for that I require to get the capture count when interrupt occurred and also the timer count at the same time. Which register or which function provides the Capture count and the timer count ? Timer Configurations.jpg