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    How can you solder a BLE module to a PCB

      I am trying to get a CYBLE 214009-00 module soldered to a custom PCB. The pads extend out from the device outline slightly more than specified in order to make hand soldering a possibility. Otherwise the pad layout conforms to the specification in the data sheet. In each case the boards were built with sufficient components to allow connection to the MiniProg3 and nothing else.


      Failure 1:  The module was placed on the pads over a small amount of paste. Each pin was then re-flowed with a soldering iron.
      Because the pads are not brought out to the edge of the module PCB re-flow was inconsistent/incomplete leaving shorts under the module.
      Significant heat was used, and in the end I actually damaged a track. Eventually all the MiniProg3 pins were showing no shorts but the device was still not recognized as being present.


      Failure 2: This time I screen printed the paste onto the pads, and added another capital chip (with a center pad) to make sure the re-flow was OK.
      This was pre-heated for 150 seconds at 150, then heated to 245 over about 100 seconds then a further 60 seconds for re-flow. All the other devices appeared to re-flow perfectly (the chip with a center pad was tested and had flowed correctly). However nothing from the BLE module.


      A third chip was hand wired mimicking the PCB and this communicated fine with the MiniProg3.


      Both modules were removed by re-flowing. One failed physically (managed to swipe the components off! :-( ) the other was wired as above but did not respond.


      If any one has successfully mounted one of these module and is prepared to share the process they used I would be very grateful!

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          I don't have any good advice, but the boards we build use a soldering machine to get the chip soldered to a board....

          Just thought it might be nice to know that it is possible

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            Great to know it can be done. Further update, I fine that the chip I hand wired and worked was a  CYBLE-014008-00, just tried an actual CYBLE-214009-00 and that did not work so options are now:


            1) The soldering was OK but I have an error in my ctt design for the 214009 (but isn't the 014008 supposed to be pin for pin compatible?)




            2) The 214009's were all DOA (at least first 3 out of 5)




            3) There is some subtle difference between the two devices...............


            Any thoughts?

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              Instructions for the manufacturing with Ez-BLE modules can be found in Section 8 of Getting started user guide (http://www.cypress.com/file/157791/download ). Looks like you are using lower temperature and longer time for reflow, recommended setting is 260 C for 30 seconds.


              CYBLE-014008-00 and CYBLE-214009-00 need different ECO trim register setting in the firmware. If you are seeing advertisements on one and not on other then it is most likely that ECO trim register needs a change for the non functional device. Details of the ECO trim register for each device can be found in their respective data sheets.



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                Hi Santhosh


                Thanks for pointing me at that document (don't know how I missed it - just dumb I guess :-) ), it does fill in some of the blanks!


                The MiniProg3 is not even talking to the chip, see when I get there I will keep an eye out for this. There seems to be something I am not understanding in that the (brand new) hand wired 014008 worked but the (brand new) 214009 did not.


                Many thanks, Dave

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                  If the Miniprog3 isn't even seeing the chip for programming, your connections to the board from the MiniProg3 are suspect, double check the pin connections

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                    Update in case anyone sees this :-),  I have now received some samples direct from cypress, still no joy:

                    I can program a 214009-00 mounted on the CYBLE 214009-EVAL 01 board.

                    I can program a 014008-00 with direct wiring to a programming header.

                    I cannot program a 214009-00 (from the Cypress samples) wired the same way.


                    There is something I am missing in attempting to program these units from a MinProg3, Any guesses?

                    I had to shelve this project, now just trying to see if I will have to change device or not.................

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                      The miniprog3 has some configurable settings that need to match the board/device you are programming. For example: The 3.3v/5v/x.xv selection should be the value that your chip is using to run, or the value that you want the Miniprog3 to inject into the board for powering it.

                      I have had issues before that were fixed by changing the Clock Speed as well (both adjusting upwards and downwards until I found the frequency that worked for communication/programming the board)