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    About the data polling state of S29GL128S




      There is a question about the description of the Data Sheet P39 "Table 5.3 Data Polling Status".

      The output of DQ2, DQ6 has states of No-Toggle and N/A.

      What exactly will each output look like?


      · Do not toggle and keep the value at the time of last stop

      · Do not toggle and output "0"

      · Unspecified (1 or 0)


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      Naoaki Morimoto

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          Hello Morimoto San,


          It is unspecified it can be either 0 or 1. For example DQ6 is " No toggle "  during "Reading within Erase Suspended Sector" . That means in the data in the consecutive bytes you will not see any bit toggling. You just need to look at the other bits DQ7,DQ5 etc. Similarly for the bits which are "N/A" means that you need not worry or check those bits.