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    CCG3PA firmware development

      Hi all,

      I'm working on a product with Type-C PD,

      which would be a UFP device, capable of up to the full 100W power sinking.

      After looking through your products, the CCG3 and CCG3PA seem appropriate,

      but since the CCG3 has extra features which will not be needed (billboard USB, etc...),

      I'm leaning towards the CCG3PA.


      I was about to order the CCG3PA evaluation board, but then I wasn't able to find it in PSoC Creator or see any software examples, unlike the CCG3.


      So I wanted to ask if it is currently possible to develop custom firmware for the CCG3PA, or whether I should start development with the CCG3 and port over later?




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          Hi Jakub,


          1. You are correct that CCG3, CCG3PA is suit for your application and design if you are looking for PD3.0 SPEC. For PD2.0 SPEC, CCG2 CYPD2122 also can be used for your design.

          2. If you are prefer to use CCG3PA, please kindly wait for a moment for waiting the CCG3PA firmware SDK release. The schedule is this Quarter.

          3. You are correct that you could customize the firmware of CCG3PA as you want.


          Best Regards,