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    Murata BCM4339 ZP Bluetooth /Wifi Module - PCM Interface Issue




      We are using BCM4339 ZP Module in IMX6qdl-sabre Auto (host os is linux), Bluez stack version in 5.37. Our purpose is to implement HFP in our host machine using BCM4339 BT module.


      We initially tried to route SCO packets through UART and it was working, but the issue with UART SCO routing Distortion and latency.


      By default the chip SCO routing is through PCM interafce, but we are not seeing any signal transition on PCM lines. Here BCM4339 is configured as Master so, should give PCM CLK and PCM SYNC pulse. This is not happening.



      So need help regarding this issue, how can we get audio data through PCM interface of BCM4339 ZP module.....?


      Please help........




      Vimal Babu