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    What is side effects of CyBle_GattsReadAttributeValue() API for BLE server client programme ?



      I am jagir. I am working on an application in which I have used PSoC 4 Pioneer board as GAP peripheral & GATT server with a custom profile.

      I need to read & write some parameter values to my board from Cy Smart Android app.

      Now I have faced an issue that sometimes while reading my programme became hang & need to reset my board.

      When I debug my code I get to know that in reading request event my programme hangs at CyBle_GattsReadAttributeValue() function, And if I comment out this function everything works fine read & write.

      From the component datasheet, I get to know that "CyBle_GattsReadAttributeValue()" used to read attribute values from Server database.

      So my doubt is why this API cause hang & how without using it read operation works fine?