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    stuck on Benicia USB Boot Device(cyusb3014)


      Hello everyone, I am stuck on a problem about cyusb3014.


      I designed a PCB with cyusb3014-BZXI , the schematic of the PCB is almost copied by my previous project (the part of cyusb3014 in that project was working well so far).


      So recently I start to debug my new PCB.


      I have checked the voltage of cyusb3014 (vbus, 1.2v, 3.3v), have checked pmode pins without short circuit.

      The pmode[2:0]  = 0Z1 for SPI boot first.(pmode pins are pull UP/DOWN with register and no connected with fpga)


      When I plug usb3.0 cable on the board, 'Cypress Benicia USB Boot Device' is shown on the list in Control Center. This is very strange because I never seen this info before( I have desinged several PCB about cyusb3014 and all work well ).

      Then I try to program Slavefifo.img to SPI, and the control center shows "programing of SPI FLSH succeeded".

      I replug the cable but 'Cypress Benicia USB Boot Device' still show on the list......


      I checked two same board , the phenomenon are same.


      Therefore, I have some attempt :

      1. change new SPI FLASH

      2. exchange SPI FLASH between previous board of my previous project and new board in this time

      3. change pmode[2:0] to Z11


      The above attempts have been tried but 'Cypress Benicia USB Boot Device' still show on the list......


      So... I have no idea where the problem might be.

      Could anyone give me a cue for this?