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    PSoC4 BLE GPIO Interrupt wake from deepsleep


      Hey All


      I have a problem with a project I am working on. I currently use a CYBLE-214009 it samples some data from a IMU via I2C, and transmit it via BLE. This works well if the system does not enter low power modes. BUT...


      If i enter deepsleep, when the BLE or the I2C does not have any more work to do, and a GPIO interrupt from the IMU (10 Hz) is waking the processor the BLE gets stuck. When I look at the stack trace it is just haled here:


           0 CySysPmSleep() Generated_Source\PSoC4\cyPm.c 44 0x00001CCE (All)

           1 ll_wait_to_exit_dsm() ?????? ?????? 0x00014810 (All)

           2 ll_exit_low_power_mode() ?????? ?????? 0x00014090 (All)

           3 ll_task_handler() ?????? ?????? 0x00017B64 (All)

           4 llft_service_queue() ?????? ?????? 0x000185C6 (All)

           5 llf_task_start_routine() ?????? ?????? 0x0001851E (All)