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    CY8CKIT-042 Kit with CY8CKIT-024 Tuner doesn't work

      Hello together,


      during my first experiences with the CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer Kit i worked with example projects like the one with the linear slider.

      I also tried some variations by using only one of the slider elements as a button.


      Starting the Tuner always worked well.


      But now i started to work with the CY8CKIT-024 CAPSENSE PROXIMITY SHIELD in addition. I use the example projects from the following Cypress product page:



      Doesn't matter which example project i try (i only use the ones that are named with 0042), none of them lets me work with the Tuner. The tuner always throws:

      "Read operation failed! Ceck I2C connection".

      All my settings of the EzI2C SCB block exactly match the document AN92239, which is also to be found on the link i mentioned before.

      Updating components, Building and Flashing were working well ( I'm using PSoC creator 4.1).


      Is there any setting that i may could have forget?


      Thanks a lot!