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    USB bootloader, program successfully, but did not programmed at all.


      Hi All,

      I'm using a CY8C5868AIX-LP035 with cypress development kit.

      I'm having a project with USB-HID working and we want to add a Bootloader feature.

      To do so:

      0. followed all the steps in this guide:

      AN73503 - PSoC® USB HID Bootloader | Cypress Semiconductor

      1. Deleted my HID profile and Imported the bootloader HID profile (Bootloader.root.xml)

      2. Changed my code so in a specific USB packet this command will start:



      3. Building another image with minor change, and program the image via the Bootloader Host app,

      As you can see, the program success an it can also verify successfully.


      But the minor change that i did, is not showing, the image is not programmed at all.

      I can email all the project files.