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    MBT TEST LE Receiver Test


      I have 2 questions regarding the Le Receiver Test using MBT.


      Once the command is sent to the UART is it allowed to disconnect the FTDI module from the device.

      The reason I am asking is because I assume since a laptop is used to send the command it would make sense

      to leave the device alone in a test chamber without the host attached to it.

      Or does the host must be connected at all time because some data will be sent periodically to the UART and

      such data must be recorded to acknowledge that the test passed.


      Finally would you know the maximum USB to UART cable length for an FTDI module to be used with MBT test

      without losing data during the test ?


      Have anyone tried those cable to run MBT ?


      82ft 25M USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Active Extension / Repeater Cable (Kinect & PS3 Move Compatible Extension) - Monopri…

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          You may remove the ftdi module once you execute and download the test command. The device will be in test mode and work as your test command has intended. Then do you intend to connect the ftdi module back to terminate the test? Or simple just interrupt the power supply?


          82ft is way too long and you will likely encounter reliability issue. Do refer to section 4 of the below link in which we described how

          we use a programming cable (from FTDI) to do this.


          Programming the TAG2/TAG3 Board using command line tools 

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            Thanks during testing to 15.109 using

            LE Receiver Test batch file


            The lab finished the testing to 15.109 this morning and when testing in the 1-4 GHz range, they noticed that there were transient bursts in the 2.4 ISM band

            It appears the .bat file I provided does not actually place the radio into receive mode but LE Receiver Test.  I assume this because the spectrum appears to show that the transmissions are “advertising channel” bursts.

            Looking at the screen shot it reflected that the device was in normal operation mode following the execution of the FW


            Please note that the FW was flashed in the board used for test but I assumed that using MBT tool

            will bypass the running mode of the FW


            Reading the PDF documenation it says

            Configure the CYW2070X to run in the HCI mode.

            a. When a CYW2070X device starts up it searches for an HCI UART.

            b. If detected, the device stays in the HCI mode.


            It can be tricky to make sure the device is in HCI mode.


            Since the device can be powered by 2AA battery but we didn't put a PGM/RUN switch on the designed to force it to stay in HCI/PGM mode here is the sequence used during FCC


            1. Connect FTDI cable to the device RX,TX then GND and the laptop then power up the device using AA battery.
            2. There was a special push button for this on the design - single push to power on and long push to power down
            3. The device should then stay in HCI mode because the TX pin is connected to FTDI module and laptop
            4. Then send a reset command
            5. Then send the command
            6. After that disconnect the FTDI cable and leave the device alone in the chamber - device still powered by 2AA battery
            7. Use equipment for RF test and capture data
            8. Connect back the cable and send end command or power off the device with a long push per designed






            Note regarding mbt receive_only command

            Receive Only : this command is no longer available in latest version of mbt.exe so the documentation is off....

            Instead use the LE test using channel # this command is working


            This test issues a command to the CYW2070X to set the radio to camp on a specified frequency. The frequency

            on which the device listens for packets is passed as a parameter.


            The command usage used to be:


            mbt receive_only <rx_frequency>


            rx_frequency: 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz


            The example below instructs the CYW2070X to set the receiver to a frequency of 2406 MHz.

            Would the following command properly place the device in receive only.

            Is it neede to send a reset command first ?


            WICED-Smart-SDK\Tools\mbt\win32>mbt COM3 receive_only 2406


            Sending HCI Command:


            0000 < 01 2B FC 01 06 >


            Received HCI Event:

            0000 < 04 0E 04 01 2B FC 00 >





            This would be nice for Cypress to offer a bunch of FW app for each FCC test case to put the device in test mode at boot time instead of relying on mbt

            and the ROM

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              I actually tested the 65 ft USB cable connected to a regular FTDI cable and it seams to work fine.

              I was able to put the device in receive only mode



              "mbt le_receiver_test COMx <rx_channel>"

              "               rx_channel = (F - 2402) / 2"

              "                   Range: 0 - 39. Frequency Range : 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz"

              Sending HCI Command:

              0000 < 01 03 0C 00 >

              Received HCI Event:

              0000 < 04 0E 04 01 03 0C 00 >


              Sending HCI Command:

              0000 < 01 1D 20 01 27 >

              Received HCI Event:

              0000 < 04 0E 04 01 1D 20 00 >


              LE Receiver Test running, to stop execute le_test_end