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    Swapping eInk 2.7" display with a smaller size


      My PSoC6 Pioneer Board arrived last week but the eInk 2.7" display is not working as it won't update. I found an earlier post on the forum where another user had a similar problem and this user had purchased a new board so no insights given to the likely problem.


      I just happened to have a 2.0" E-Ink display, so I thought I would plug this one into the shield to confirm that it is not something on the shield itself that is faulty.

      As I am still learning, I wondered what would I need to change regarding all parameters used to configure the 2.7" display so that I can now use the 2.0" display.


      I thought to start with the Eddystone example as this uses the eInk display too.


      Here I see there is a display.c file which includes a screen_contents.c file. Within "screen_contents" I see there is an "instructions" constant. Is it correct to assume that I should shorten this? What about the image? Would this be too big for a 2.0" display? Maybe better just to comment this out.


      Then there is this parameter "cy_eink_frame_t frameBuffer[CY_EINK_FRAME_SIZE];"

      I see that CY_EINK_FRAME_SIZE is calculated as follows:  Size of an E-INK frame = size of an E-INK image = (264*176)/8 = 5808 bytes


      So am I correct to assume I simply have to change this. I'm guessing as follow: (200*96)/8 = 2,400 bytes.


      Anything else?