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    Why is the iperf tcp speed different than the TCP_CLIENT example in WICED?

      Hi all,


      When I am testing the maximum tcp speed through the iperf example in WICED, for 5 GHz (80 Mhz bandwidth), it gives me around 75 Mbps, however the TCP_CLEINT example is way slower than that and it barely reaches to 2 Mbps. I tried to remove the echo back from the server and reduce the delay time between each transmission and also increase the length of "tx_data" but when it is more than 1500 characters, the module resets multiple times during the tcp connection and does not start the communication.


      By the way, I don't see any speed difference when I'm changing the TCP_PACKET_MAX_DATA_LENGTH which is strange. In the iperf example, by increasing the tcp window size up to a certain point, the speed also increases which it makes sense. In the TCP_CLEINT example, the packet length can't go above 65535 characters which I guess there is no such a limit in the iperf example...


      Is there any benchmark on the tcp_client example? How to push up the speed to 75 Mbps in the TCP_CLIENT example? I need to repeat the iperf speed results on my own data through the tcp connection!


      Kind regards,


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