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    AN73054, PSoC 5LP Programming Using an External Microcontroller issues


      I am trying to implement the code in AN73054, PSoC 5LP Programming Using an External Microcontroller.  The document says that it is easy to implement for any processor because there are only a few primitives to change.  This is true if the remote microprocessor is a PSoC device, but gets complicated quickly when using other processors.  To create a test I selected a PIC processor.  I have been able to get the first few steps working.  I can enter programming mode, configure the target, and verifiy the device ID successfully.  The problem comes when trying to erase the flash.


      All commands are sent and ACK'd ok, but the test for SPC idle never returned success. After studying it I can see that the problem is that there is an error code returned from the SPC status register, error 4, indicating that the SPC is not enabled for external access.  I cannot see any reason for this.  Perhaps someone with experience doing this can give me some suggestions?


      Thank you, Russ