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    Question about PGA


      Does PSoC 4 BLE supports PGA (programmable gain amplifier) ? I cannot find the PGA component in the PSOC Creator 4.0.


      But I find the following description from PSoC 4 PSoC 4XX7_BLE Family Datasheet - Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) Datasheet.pdf :

           PSoC 42X7_BLE has four opamps (two for PSoC 41X7_BLE) with comparator modes, which allow most common analog functions to be performed on-chip, eliminating external components. PGAs, voltage buffers, filters, transimpedance amplifiers, and other functions can be realized with external passives saving power, cost, and space.


      So How can I use the PGA in the PSoC 4 BLE device?