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    S25FL064LABNFA010Z replacement for S25FL164K0XNFI01

      We are now testing the S25FL064LABNFA010Z which Cypress recommended as the replacement for the S25FL164K0XNFI01 that we are using it in numerous products with the following Altera gate arrays 5CGXFC4F6M11I7N & 5CEFA4M13I7N for storing Hardware configuration data as well as firmware


      We have successfully burned the data into the Flash device but upon power up the reading and loading of the data from the flash is not working - we can not boot \ power up the gate array. Does anyone have any ideas what we should do ?

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          Hello Davis,


          Please refer the Migration application note from the link given below which describes the differences between FL1-K and FL064L which you need to take in to consideration :




          The same code which you used for FL164K might not work for FL064L. There are changes in status and config registers. Refer the above application note for mode details.




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            Dear Krishna,


            Thank you very much for your response. I looked through the document that you recommended and there appears to be a significant amount of differences ! If this is meant to be a replacement chip and since these chips are being used to replace the Altera EPCS\EPCQ - please could you provide more support of how to make this work. Originally Spansion\Cypress provided documents of how to implement their flashes as a replacement for the Altera FLash's. Now that you have made the current Flash "Not Recommended for new designs" and we have to replace it - please could you guide us as to what we need to do to make the replacement work ! The original flash chip worked just fine !


            Thank you for all your help in advanced


            Best regards