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    Interrupt register callback does not work in low power mode.



      I configured wiced_sleep_config(TRUE, WICED_WAKE_GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW, WICED_WAKE_GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW);  for low power mode,

      and I set the pin F8 (WICED_P36, BT_DEV_WAKE) to GPIO for interrupt(Pedometer Interrupt).

      BT_HOST_WAKE pin is TP.



                                                             (GPIO_INPUT_ENABLE | GPIO_PULL_UP | GPIO_EN_INT_FALLING_EDGE),

                                                                  GPIO_PIN_OUTPUT_HIGH );

      wiced_hal_gpio_register_pin_for_interrupt(WICED_P36, pedometer_interrupt_handler, NULL );



      The scope has confirmed that the interrupt occurs, but the interrupt handler does not work.

      And PUART RX interrupt callback does not work.


      It seems that CYW20706 can not wake up by interrupts.


      I use WICED STUDIO 5.2.0