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    Where to get the 'Broadcom Blueototh profile pack for Windows (BTW)'


        In the SDK2.1.1, there is an app 'Hello_Sensor', the peer app on windows platform need 'BTW LE version' , looking for ' BluetoothApis.dll ', ' BTWLeApi.Dll' , 'btrez.dll', However the latest version of BTW ( BTW_6_1_0_1506_SDK ) , does not really contain all these dll, Could you check where to get those DLL ?




      See the code from the SDK:



      else if (IsOSWin7())


        dlg.m_bWin8 = FALSE;



              TCHAR BtDevFullPath[MAX_PATH+1] = { '\0' };

              CBTFullLibPath LibPath;

              LibPath.GetFullInstallPathOf(L"BTWLeApi.Dll", BtDevFullPath, MAX_PATH);

              if ((hLib = LoadLibrary(BtDevFullPath)) == NULL)


        MessageBox(NULL, L"Broadcom Blueototh profile pack for Windows (BTW) has to be installed", L"Error", MB_OK);

        return FALSE;


              BtwGuidFromGuid(&guidSvcHello, &UUID_HELLO_SERVICE);

              BtwGuidFromGuid(&guidCharHelloConfig, &UUID_HELLO_CHARACTERISTIC_CONFIG);

              BtwGuidFromGuid(&guidCharHelloNotify, &UUID_HELLO_CHARACTERISTIC_NOTIFY);