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    How to edit the Wiced sense android source and build?

      I have downloaded the 'WICED Sense Android Source(v1.06)' and tried to load this as a project in Eclipse so that I can modify and build my own version.  But while performing build operation, I got the following error.


      Errors occurred during the build.

           Errors running builder 'Java Builder' on project 'WSense'.



      Can anyone guide me in rectifying the error.

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          Hello please search the forum for Java errors - you will need to download a compatible version


          We are on Thanksgiving break.





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            I recently sent an email to my coworkers letting them know the basics of Android building for the WICED Android app.  Since it seems you have a tool problem (you should only get NULL errors if you've modified the baseline code), I thought it might help you.


            I don’t know how many people out there are participating in the internal WICED Sense event, but if anyone is trying to install eclipse to build the Android WICED SENSE app for a fresh Windows PC, I can offer some help and streamline the process.  Usually, you have to bumble through a whole bunch of different steps because of all the different options with Eclipse, so I thought I’d save others time.  Also, if you’re simply interested in building Android apps, this is a good start as well:


            1. There are many (some conflicting) Eclipse and Android SDK install pages.  Some will require you to install extras you might not need.  Use this one, as it has everything you need in one process.  Make sure you install the SDK to at least 4.2.2 (API 18), as there’s some Bluetooth code in the demo that needs it.  I also installed all the extras on the second page and some old APIs for old stuff I made, but that’s just me.
            2. Build a sample “Hello world” app.  Try this page.
            3. Once built, connect an Android device 4.2.2 or later (see Settings->General->About) with Bluetooth.  See here for details.  Be sure to pay attention to the hint in the  middle of the page for unlocking developer options.
            4. Download the WICED app source from here (you’ll need to already have signed up for the hackathon per the Broadcom emails sent last week) and unpack it to the project directory you picked in step 1.
            5. Build a new app like in step 2, but choose the “Build from existing source” option and select the WICED directory.
            6. You should now be able to build and upload the WICED SENSE app just like the version in Google Play.


            Also see here for Google’s free online course for Android development.


            Feel free to touch base with me for any questions.  Note however, that I am only an amateur at this.  You best bet for help may well be to use web searches, especially at StackOverflow.com.




            Kevin Haw

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              I am able to get Android Studio linked up with my android phone. How can I access the mX,mY,mZ  variables located in  GyroFragment  class from outside java so that I can have the phone behave based on these coordinates?




              public class GyroFragment extends Fragment implements
              OnClickListener, Animated {




                  private void updateTextWidgets() {   
              mRawX.setText(getString(R.string.raw_x, String.format("%.1f", mX)));
              mRawY.setText(getString(R.string.raw_y, String.format("%.1f", mY)));
              mRawZ.setText(getString(R.string.raw_z, String.format("%.1f", mZ)));