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    CyResetStatus is always set to 0x20



      I'm using PSOC5 (CY8C5888AXI-LP096) and no matter how I reset my device, watchdog or power shutdown, when I startup the chip and read CyResetStatus it is always 0x20 which is preserved to 'software reset' as I see in CyLib.h



      CY_RESET_LVID               (0x01u)

      CY_RESET_LVIA               (0x02u)

      CY_RESET_HVIA               (0x04u)

      CY_RESET_WD                 (0x08u)

      CY_RESET_SW                 (0x20u)

      CY_RESET_GPIO0              (0x40u)

      CY_RESET_GPIO1              (0x80u)


      Can anyone help me understand how do I know which kind of reset was it?


      Thanks in advanced.