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    CyUSB Suite for Macintosh


      I have taken the cyusb_linux program (originally written for Qt 4.8), and ported it over to the Macintosh Qt 5.x.  I have tested on Sierra for for identifying the USB 3.0 board, and downloading a program to the Superspeed Explorer Kit.


        I have not tested *all* functionality.  It uses system_profiler on a periodic basis to locate the plugged in device, rather than the udev features.


        It is a QT project, and I would recommend compiling it for your machine, as there are some dependencies that may require libraries only installed with Xcode.  It uses libusb (like the linux unit), and may require XCode to be installed due to references to libjpeg.    Qt Creator can be a pain to set up on the Macintosh, but once it is set up everything goes well.


      This was originally written under the GPLV2, so of course, it stays GPL v2.


      If anyone is interested in it, you can contact me at wmaxfield at gmail dot com

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          One more thing.  cyUSB Suite for Macintosh *requires* you to have downloaded the Cypress FX3 SDK for Macintosh, and performed the install.


          It will not work without having that SDK installed on your system, in addition to the other requirements.


          Of course, you have agreed to the Cypress terms for the sdk to be installed.