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    CYW20706 modes: download, hosted, and embedded


      I'm developing with CYW20706 without any external flash. I read “WICED-HCI-Control-Protocol.pdf” and I'm still confused about how to get to all the modes.


      1) If I toggle RST_N, the RAM would be initialized to zeros, wiping the previously downloaded firmware. Is this correct?

      2) If I set CTS to low, then de-assert RST_N, the device enters into autobaud firmware download mode where only few vendor specific HCI command that supports firmware download works. Is this correct? After firmware download procedures are completed, and LAUNCH_RAM is issued, the chip goes into embedded application mode?

      3) I'm confused about what happens when I set CTS to high, then de-assert RST_N. HCI document mentioned the chip will read NVRAM for configurations, but 20706 does not have any NVRAM.

      4) How to enter fully hosted HCI mode? I plan to use this mode in manufacturing to run standard HCI tests. Do I need to load a specific .hcd firmware to RAM for this? Where do I find this .hcd?