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    PSOC 62 Availability




      Purchased the PSOC 6 development kit and am loving the PSOC 6 processor.  The technology included in this chip is truly innovative and amazing.


      While I am very impressed with the PSOC 6 with Bluetooth, I have an application that does not need the Bluetooth functionality. 


      Can you tell me:

      1. Are either of the parts below available for sample now?  I would need to purchase at least 5 pieces immediately.  I can use either part.
      2. When will the two parts highlighted below be available in quantities of 1,000 pieces?


      Thank you for your help,



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          Hi Max,


          Thanks for the feedback on the PSoC 63 part, glad that it is meeting your needs

          For the PSoC 62 line, yes we are sampling. I would suggest that you go through one of our distributors or reps in our region to get the PSoC 62 samples you need. At the moment, we are sampling the CY8C6247BZI-D54 part, which is the superset part. For more parts availability, we are targeting Q2 2018.


          Let me know if you have any other questions or comments.