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    Capsense issue with a dual application?



      After receive the CY8CKIT-062-BLE, we test the code sample provided.


      We try the code example available into PSoC Creator 4.2 : the dual application (CE213903) works correctly.

      We want add a capsense into the APP1, but if we start the Capsense into the cortexM4 main the app1 seems blocked.

      however we have an APP1 similar without dual application : in this case, the same code for capsense works.


      Could you help us to find the error into the project with dual application?

      APP0 : blink a led, check the SW2 state (if SW2 is pressed the PSoC 6 switch into APP1) + uart bootloader

      APP1 : just little modification (this APP works perfectly without capsense)

      You will find in attachment the project with dual application.