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    What is purpose of PD1 on CCG2



      I am comparing the block diagram between CCG2 and CCG3.

      There is RD1 pin on CCG2 but no it on CCG3. wheres the both circuit of blocks connecting to CC1/CC2 are quite similar.


      So I can not understand why PD1 pin need to connect to CC1 pin.

      Please let me know the detail of the role for PD1 and CCG3 does not need PD1 pin.


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          Hi Takeshi,


          RD1 pin of CCG2 is dedicated Rd resistor pin for CC1. Must be left open for cable applications and connected together with CC1 ball for UFP or DFP with dead battery applications. The reason we have this pin is because silicon design made a separate 5.1K resistance on this pin.


          CCG3 have such pin, but it is already integrate inside of  CC1 and CC2. You could went through CCG3 order information to get Termination Resistor, RD1 on CCG2 can be equal to RD_DB on CCG3 end.


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