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    Cysmart ble dongle manufacturing

      We are manufacturing our own Cypress ble dongle according to the link



      I want to know whether we need any external programmer to burn the hex file to the dongle or it can be done through USB port from PSOC programmer?


      We also have CY8CKIT-042-BLE kit with us, can we use that kit to program the CY5670 ble usb dongle?

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          As you can see there are two PSoCs on the dongle, A PRoc4 as BLE device and a PSoC5lP as programmer and USB interface. When you do not need to (re-)program your BLE device in the field, you may skip the programmer including the USB interface which is managed by the PSoC5LP. You will need a Miniprog3 or a kitprog to program the BLE at the factory.

          Programming the PSoC5LP with the kitprog software can be done with the cypress provided kitprog software and using a kitprog or Miniprog3