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    Use ENC28J60 ethernet shield on PsoC 5LP

      Hi everyone!

      We are a gruop of italian student who are using PsoC for the fist time! We are trying to configure our ethernt shield which has an ENC20J60 microchip on our PsoC5LP.

      We have already read about people that use the same shild with PsoC3 but our model is different and in turn olso the code will be different.

      Our scope is to configure from the phisical layer up to the transport layer in order to obtain a comunication using the TCP/IP protocol.

      The hard part start already to the phisical layer where we have to configure the psoc SPI and syncronize the clock with the ethernet shield.

      Is there someone that has already use this ethernet shield and have some experience so it can give us some advice?


      Thanks for pay attantion