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    Implement a developer UART on the USB AUX lines

      • We have a developer serial port (UART) which we typically bring out to a connector on our board and connect to a PC for debug messages.
      • The UART needs to be available early in the boot process to see kernel boot messages.
      • I only need the Rx and Tx UART pins, not a full function UART.
      • I wanted to find a way to make use of the USB Type-C connector to bring out this UART for a developer.
      • We plan to implement the CCG4M chip with the Display Port, but the UART would be the default function over the DisplayPort.


      I'd like to implement this with as little hardware as possible. Can I connect the UART to one of the CCG4M's open Serial Communication Blocks (SCB) and have it routed inside the chip to the SB1 and SB2 output pins?


      Is there any conflict on the USB bus with having our data communication on the SB1 and SB2 pins of the connector?


      Is there another scheme you suggest to achieve this that would not interfere with regular USB 3.1 data or CC pin communications?